Katsura Asakichi


udon 1. Performance Name: かつらあさきち(Katsura Asakichi)

2. Birth name:ふじわらいさむ (Fujiwara Isamu)

3. Birth date: 6/21/1970

4. Birth place: Osaka City

5. Blood type: B

6. Date of Initiation: May, 1993 かつらよしあさ (Katsura Yoshiasa)

7. DebayashiOedo Nihonbashi

8. Family Crest: Intertwining Oak

9. Hobbies: Cooking / Playing the flute

10. Website: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/asakichik/

11. Affiliations: Beichou Office

12. Other: Graduate of Hannan University in Study of Commerce

Main group of association are “Asa Kichi Eigo Rakugo Dokuen Kai“(Aaskichi English Rakugo Solo Performance Group) “Rakugo de Pon

Some remarks: Appears frail yet maintains a very healthy condition. Hardly ever catches a cold. Special skills are cooking. Pot-au-Feu (French cuisine), Ten-Shin-Han, Onion Pasta, Fried Pork, Gyoza, and more. Claims to have more recipes for cooking than Rakugo!

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